Title [Admission] Form : Official Medical Examination and Personal Medical Assessment
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Designated form : "Official Medical Examination" and "Personal Medical Assessment"

1. Successful applicants must take a medical examination and submit the result to Graduate School of
    Inha University based on the designated form. (since June, 2014) 

2. Designated Form 
   A. Personal Medical Assessment(자가 건강 확인서) : Each successful applicant should fill out
         this form in person.  
   B. Official Medical Examination(의사 발급 공식건강검진표) : A doctor in the (general) hospital should fill
         out this form to notify the successful applicant"s medical examination result.  
   - Please download the attached MS Word file. Submit both forms to the graduate school office(1-#317). 

3. Deadline of submission 
      A. Successful applicants who stay outside Korea : Until mid-july(fall semester), mid-january (spring semester)
        - Please submit the scan file(PDF or JPG) of the official medical examination result
          to as quickly as possible. Then send original documents to the
          graduate school office by the postal mail.  
        - Successful applicants should make a hurry to submit the medical examination result
          to receive the formal certificate of admission for Korean visa(D-2) application. 

      B. Successful applicants who stay in Korea : Until mid-july(fall semester), mid-january (spring semester)
        - Please take the medical examination individually in the general hospital in Korea.
          Successful applicants can submit additionally the official medical examination report
          form issued by the general hospital. 
         ※ Please check the exact schedule from the official notice for successful applicants in each semester. 

4. Successful applicants should pay the fee for the medical examination for themselves. 
5. If a successful applicant has a serious illness, his or her admission can be canceled. 

※ Remarks 
    *  International Healthcare Center, Inha University Hospital 
       - Successful applicants can take the medical examination with a discount.
         It will be approx. KRW 55,000 to take all required examinations. (excluding recommended items) 
       - Contact information : 032-890-2080  
       - Those who want to take the medical examination should prepare a photo and the original passport. 
    * Successful applicants can take the medical examination in other general hospital in Korea, too.