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Title The Second biannual Online Education Fair Korea 2017
writer 전예진 Date 2017.09.25 17:53 Read 2524

1. Date: Oct. 18th(Wed) ~ 31st(Tue),   
*  Registration: Sep. 25th(Mon) ~ Oct. 31st(Tue)

2.  Introduction of main contents

     - Promotional booth for Studying in Korea: information of studying in Korea and  
   government scholarship programs, job information

   - Promotional booth for Korean universities: real-time consultation, admission  
  guideline for international students, online consultation

3. Participating universities: 45

4. How to access and join the online education fair (Please see the attachment.)

        - Create an account on the Study in Korea website is required.

    - Visit the Study in Korea website ( to select the online
             education fair link.

   - Complete the registration and visit the website during the online education fair.

※ Attachment < How to register the "Online Education Fair Korea 2017 >