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Title Guidelines for Outstanding Research Award
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1. Eligibility for application
   (1) Dean’s Choice of the Best Researcher
        - Students who are going to graduate in August of 2018)
        - G.P.A. : over 4.0
        - students who have published an excellent thesis
   (2) Excellence of Journal Publication)
        - students who have participated in research and published an excellent thesis from January to June.
2. Application documents
   (1) Application form for Award(Attached file)
   (2) First page Copies of journal including their Volume and Number
   (3) Confirmation paper of SCI(E) - Impact Factor - Submitted by only those who have the thesis in a SCI(E) journal)

3. Submission period : 2018.6.25.(Mon) ~ 2018.7.6.(Fri)
4.Place for submission : Graduate School Office (Main Building, Room No. 317)
5. Award Announcement : On August
    -  The winner will receive individual contact from the graduate school office.
7. Attention : 
    - Only enrolled students are eligible.
    -  Theses which were published during their study period in INHA University are applicable.
    - Expected publication is required to write in the application and to be submitted ‘the certificate of publication acceptance’. 
Theses must be published in the name of INHA University