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Title [Admission] Result Announcement for Successful Applicants of Spring Semester, 2019
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 Result Announcement for Successful Applicants of Spring Semester, 2019

1. Period of Admission Result Announcement

: From 10 a.m. on December 26(Wed) to 5 p.m. on January 2(Wed)


2. How to Check Admission Result

1) Please go to the website below and log in.

- Korean version(한국어) : 입학 안내 - 외국인전형 - 원서접수/합격자조회 - 외국인 합격자 조회

- English version : Admission - Admission Guidelines - Admission Result

2) For log-in, you should input your application number and password.

- The password is the one which you set for your online application.

- If you forgot your application number and password, send an e-mail to


Please, check the attached file which contains the way to check admission result.



Notice for successful applicants


Congratulations on your admission for Spring semester, 2019.

Please, check the amount of scholarship, designated subjects and so on when you check the result.


1. Confirmation about your entrance

- Please make a reply to about your entrance confirmation until Jan 2(Wed) If there is no reply from successful applicants, graduate school doesn’t take any step to issue "Certificate of Admission".


2. Selection of Jungseok International Scholarship

1) Type of Jungseok International Scholarship

Full Tuition : 100% of "Tuition Fee & Entrance Fee"

70% Tuition : 70% of "Tuition Fee & Entrance Fee"

Half Tuition : 50% of "Tuition Fee & Entrance Fee"

2) Duration of Jungseok International Scholarship

Master"s degree program : Up to the fourth semester

Doctoral degree program : Up to the sixth semester

Integrated Master’s and Doctoral degree program : Up to the tenth semester

Every end of semester, graduate school checks the cumulative GPA of Jungseok Scholarship beneficiaries. If one’s cumulative GPA is below 3.30, he/she will lost Jungseok scholarhips from next semester.