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Title [Admission] Admission Guideline for International Students [for Spring semester, 2014]
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◆ Admission Guideline for International Students for Spring Semester in 2014 ◆

1. Schedule of Admission Process   
   1) Application Period 
      - Online application : October 18(Fri) 09:00 ~ October 31(Thu) 17:00
      - Documents submission : October 18(Fri) 09:00 ~ November 4(Mon) 17:00 
   2) Evaluation in each department : November 26(Tue) ~ December 5(Thu)
      - There will be an interview by face to face or by e-mail or by phone after checking application documents.
      - Each department will decide the way of interview.  
   3) Result notification : December 20(Fri)
      - Both Admission and Scholarship Evaluation Result will be notified. 
      - Evaluation scores for admission will not be disclosed. 

2. How to apply 
  ※ All applicants must complete both online application(Internet upload of application form) and documents submission within the designated period.

1) Online Application 
   - After Internet upload of application form, you should print out the application form, leave your signature on it,
     and submit it to the graduate school office with other application documents. 
   - You should prepare your photo file (JPG form) for internet upload of application form.
   - During the designated online application period, you can reach the webpage of on-line application
      through the main page of our homepage(
      * Graduate School’s Homepage(Korean version) > 03 입학안내 > 외국인 전형 > 원서접수/합격자조회 
      * Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > Admission > Admission Guidelines
2) Documents submission
   - Submit all of application documents including printed form of online application to the graduate school office 
     on time. 
   - For the list of application documents, visit
   - All of application documents must be submitted by November 4th(Mon) 17:00.
   - Address where you submit your application documents :
       "Graduate School Office(Main building #317), Inha University,
        100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, South Korea, [Postal Code : 402-751]"

※ There is no application fee for international students. 

3. Application documents : 13~19 Documents based on nationality
  * Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > Admission > Admission Guidelines
  1) Applicants cannot change application records after the application deadline. 
      (Changes of degree program or department are strictly prohibited.) 
  2) Applicants are not allowed to apply for two or more departments simultaneously. 
  3) If application records are not true or there is a missing document, applicants must take responsibilities
      for them and admission will be canceled. 
  4) Submit a copy of your alien registration ID card, If you stay in Korea.
  5) If you had been admitted into the third year of Bachelor degree program, you have to submit additionally
      your enrollment and GPA records from your previous university.
  6) Transcripts must contain credits and obtained scores(marks) of each subject, GPA or percentage of
     applicant"s total grade, and cumulative score of the whole course or CGPA(cumulative grade point average).  
     Original transcripts with converted scores from WES(World Education Services, are
     accepted for C.G.P.A. calculation. Please submit them additionally with official transcripts issued by the 
  7) If you are a prospective graduate, submit enrollment certificate or verification of statement of anticipated 
      degree instead of the certificate of degree. Submit the official certificate of degree and graduation
      to the graduate school office at least before the date of entrance. If you fail to submit it,
      your admission will be canceled.
  8) All documents that are not in Korean or English must be translated and notarized.
       Documents should be issued or notarized within the last one year. 
  9) If it is needed, Graduate School can ask applicants to submit additional documents and further
        explanation related to admission process.  
  10) Submitted documents will not be copied or returned to the applicants. 
  11) Check the expiry date of Korean or English language proficiency test certificate before submitting it.
      The test date should be before the deadline of online application and the original certificate must arrive
      at the graduate school office until the deadline of document submission.
      (The certificate of language proficiency test is usually valid for two years.)  
  12) To achieve Jungseok International Scholarship for the first semester, it is strongly recommended to submit
      the certificate for Korean or English language proficiency(TOPIK, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, TEPS). 
      If you have both Korean and English  language proficiency scores, submit all of them. 
  13) Submission of the original bank certificate is mandatory for all applicants, even though they apply for
      Jungseok International Scholarship. Korean Government(Immigration Office) set min. USD 10,000
      for the certificate of bank balance and Inha University must check applicants’ financial condition
      during admission evaluation.  
  ※ (From May 1, 2013) According to the new regulation of Korean Government, international students
      from 21 countries must prepare one of three types of documents below about the certificate of
     (Bachelor or Master"s) degree for graduate admission and Korea visa issuance/extension.     
   [21 Countries] People"s Republic of China, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand,
        Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria,
       Ghana, Egypt, Peru   
   [Type of the certificate of degree for Korean visa issuance/extension] 
      Submission of one of three is required.   
         ① Apostille documents about the certificate of degree  
           * List of Countries-Apostille Service : Mongolia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Peru 
         ② The certificate of degree notarized by Korean consulates in foreign countries or Foreign consulates
              in Korea   
         ③ Only for Chinese applicants : Official documents like "Online Verification Report of HEQC" 
             from, and "Credentials Report of China Academic Degrees & Graduate
             Education Development Center" from
  ※ According to the new regulation of Korean Government(Ministry of Justice), all international students must
       submit the certificate of bank balance with more than USD 13,000 to apply for Korean visa.
       After the admission result announcement, Inha University will again request you to submit the additional
       bank certificate to verify the proper amount for Korean visa application. The required minimum amount could
       be higher depending on your scholarship amount. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants should 
       submit the original certificate of bank balance with more than USD 13,000 during the application period,
       if it is possible. -  (Updated)

4. Programs and Eligibility  
  1) Programs : 56 departments and 113 majors
  2) Eligiblity 
      [Nationality] The applicant and his or her parents are not citizens of Korea.
        - For Master"s or Integrated degree program : The applicant must have (or will achieve before the date of 
              entrance) a Bachelor degree (4-year program) or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a
              Bachelor degree. 
         - For Doctoral degree program : The applicant must have (or will achieve before the date of entrance) a
              Master"s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a Master"s degree. 
      [TOPIK ] It is mandatory to submit level 3 or above of TOPIK for some departments and majors. 
              Please check the requirement first before submitting applications. (Admission Guideline)  

5. Jungseok International Scholarship 
  * Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > Admission > Scholarships
  1) Full or half tuition fee waive. 
  2) The amount of scholarship for the first semester will be decided according to the evaluation of admission.
      From the second semester it can be changed based on scholarship evaluation.
  3) Graduate School can cease International Scholarship or reduce the amount of it according to the result
      of scholarship evaluation every semester.
  4) Factors of Scholarship Evaluation :
      ① Fulfillment of the original study plan
      ② GPA  
      ③ Language ability (Korean / English)
      ④ Dissertation accomplishment and research participation
  5) Duration of Scholarship : 
     - Up to the 4th semester for Master’s Program
     - Up to the 6th semester for Doctoral Program
     - Up to the 10th semester for Integrated Program 
  6) Requirements for scholarship application : Applicants should meet (1) or (2).
      (1) Obtain a grade point average(G.P.A.) above 80 points out of 100 in the previous degree program
      (2) Have at least one of Language Proficiency Certificates.
          * Minimum score of official certificates for Language Proficiency
              - (English) TOEFL : PBT 540 or above, CBT 207 or above, IBT 76 or above
              - (English) TOEIC 700 or above
              - (English) TEPS 600 or above
              - (English) IELTS 5.5 or above
              - (Korean) TOPIK level 3 or above
  7) You can get specific information of scholarship evaluation from the website    
  8) Available number of scholarship for admitted students in Spring & Fall semester, 2014  
      - Full Scholarship : Max. 80 students
      - Half Scholarship : Max. 60 students
  9) Part-time students(job holders) cannot receive any scholarship from the graduate school.
  10) Priority for selection of Jungseok International Scholarship(Full tuition fee)   
    ① Select max. 10 scholars among professors or lecturers who work at the esteemed university
       in foreign country ⇒ Submit a letter of recommendation from the president or the dean of
       the university, an original certificate of working position(employment), and a letter of recommendation
       from a professor at Inha University.
    ② Select max. 10 scholars among those who get recommendation from a professor at Inha University.
       (One professor is allowed to recommend only one applicant for Full Jungseok International Scholarship.)
       ⇒ Submit a letter of recommendation from a professor at Inha University. There is no designated form,
       but it should include application number, recommendee"s personal information, reason of
       recommendation and excellence.  

※ Other Scholarship Program
  ① Scholarship for Laboratory Assistant : 1~2 million KRW / a semester
  ② Scholarship for Teaching Assistant : 1~1.45 million KRW / a semester
  ③ Scholarship for Office Assistant : 500,000 KRW / a month (For 6 months)
   * Requirement : Recommendation from your adviser professor after entrance
   * Assistantship can be awarded in addition to the Jungseok International scholarship.

※ If you take part in a certain project, you can get a research stipend(private expenses) from it.
    Please, talk to your adviser professor about this. 

6. For detailed information about admission guideline, open the attached file and read carefully. 

7. (Updated)  Below nine departments/majors were selected for "BK21 Plus", a research project organized by Korean Government(Ministry of Education) in August, 2013. If you need further information, please contact each department/major office. 
   * BK21 Plus : Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students       

Department/Major Contact Number
Mechanical Engineering +82-32-860-7300
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering : +82-32-860-7295
Chemistry : +82-32-860-7670
Polymer Science & Engineering +82-32-860-7480
Materials Science and Engineering +82-32-860-7530
Computer and Information Engineering +82-32-860-7457
Mathematics +82-32-860-7620
Biological Sciences +82-32-860-7690
Environmental Engineering +82-32-860-7500
Program in Multicultural Studies and Education +82-32-860-8498

◈ For e-mail assistance regarding "Application procedures" from Inha Student Ambassadors,
   check "Student Ambassadorship".
  - Graduate School’s Homepage(Korean version) >  03 입학안내 > 외국인전형 > 외국인 홍보대사 제도
  - Graduate School’s Homepage(English version) > 03 Admission > Student Ambassadorship

◈ Please check the menu of FAQ (  before sending an e-mail or making a call. 

※ Contact Information : Ms. Kim, Ji-hee 
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