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Title Development of Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Technology Using Silk
writer 전예진 Date 2017.07.17 11:07 Read 683

New technology for producing carbon fiber by using silk has been developed and it is expected to be used in various industrial fields.


The research team led by Professor Hyoung-Joon Jin in the Department of Polymer Science & Engineering succeeded in producing carbon fiber with high strength, high elastic modulus, and excellent conductance comparable to existing carbon fiber by using silk protein fiber, which is a natural fiber material.


The paper reporting these research results titled “Super Strong Pyroprotein Fibers with Long-range Ordering " was published in Nature Communications, one of the world’s leading academic journals on July 13.


Unlike existing PAN (polyacrylonitrile) synthetic fibers, the silk carbon fiber created by Professor Jin and his research team is based on silk, a natural protein fiber.


The results of this research can be applied to various industries, including civil engineering and construction (e.g. seismic reinforcement of concrete structures), alternative energy industry (e.g. blades for wind power generation and fly foil), high-speed transportation equipment industry, and aerospace industry.


 “Most of the technologies of conventional carbon fiber are being monopolized by some countries and companies, so attention is focused on carbon fiber production methods using new precursors”, said Professor Jin. “Silk carbon fiber has very high applicability in bioelectronics industry, which is a core industry of the next generation. Therefore, it is expected that silk carbon fiber will have a significant ripple effect not only academically but industrially.”