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Title A Signboard Hanging Ceremony Held to Commemorate the Scholarship Fund Donation of the Choi Tae-Sung Scholarship Association
writer 전예진 Date 2017.07.17 11:07 Read 747

  The accomplishments of Professor Tae-Sung Choi as a professor in the department of business administration for 30 years are not limited to merely educating many excellent students for our society. Over the course of his career, he showed us a wise answer to the question ‘What is seniors’ role in educating and nourishing younger generations?’


The Choi Tae-Sung Scholarship Association, named after the emeritus professor, was set up by some of his students who attempted to do something meaningful together. When they explained to him that they wanted to support the current students in financial difficulty in the Department of Business Administration, professor emeritus of our university, Choi promised to join their efforts and contributed his royalties to the scholarship fund. In addition, some graduates also participated in the effort to collect money for scholarships. As a result, a scholarship of 700, 000 won (KRW) was awarded to a student that year. Over the past 10 years, scholarships have been awarded to 83 students. The cumulative scholarship amount has now reached about 100 million won.


The Choi Tae-Sung Scholarship Association, which shows an example of elders’ love for younger people between professors and senior students, held a signboard hanging ceremony commemorating the scholarship fund donation on the 24th in Room 320 of Building 6, which was a place where students could hear Professor Choi"s lectures a few years ago. Suggestions for holding a signboard hanging ceremony were made a few years ago, but Professor Choi refused it firmly, so it was not held until more than a year after Professor Choi retired. The scholarship association donated 125 million won to the school for the school development fund and scholarships. 45 people made contributions.