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Title Application for exemption of the insurance fee designated by Inha univ.
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◇ Application for exemption from the insurance designated by Inha univ ◇

 According to the policies of the Korean government, it is obligatory for all international students of Inha University to buy a health insurance policy.(58,000KRW per one semester, it will be paid with tuition fee during the registration period.)
 We are trying to simplify the procedure to check whether students have other Health Insurance or not, by receiving this application form & evidential document with the period mentioned.

A. For whom 
  - International students who don"t need a Inha-designated health insurance because they have either of the National Health Insurance or any other insurance.
(Every enrolled(registered) students must have insurance according to Korean government Policy & they must study in Inha university fundamentally. So those who are in abroad due to some reason also have to buy a health insurance)

B. Acceptable insurance Category

  1. National Health Insurance
  2. Other private insurance - covering medical bills involved in diseases (consultation fees, medical treatment fees, prescription & compounding fees, hospitalization fees, etc - they must be covered in Korea.)
  3. An insurance valid during the enrolled semester (until Feb. 28, 2017)
     ※ In case of National Health Insurance, it must be paid by end of Feb.

C. Documents required.
  1. Application form  (Attached file)
  2. Evidential document : Confirmation for Qualification Acquisition of Policyholder (건강보험자격득실 확인서) or Insurance Policy.
    ※ Those who already submitted during 20167- Spring semester must submit again during the period below.

D. How to apply
  1. To submit to graduate school office directly
  2. E-mail submission : with scanned- file.

E. Application period : July 31(Mon) ~ Aug, 9 (Wed)

F. Inquiry : (Jeon, Yejin) +32-860-8389