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Title 2017 Field Trip for International Students
writer 전예진 Date 2017.11.20 17:59 Read 655

 Inha graduate school students participated in the 2017 Field Trip visited National Guk-Ak Center and SEOUL SKY(Lotte Tower Observatory). International students from China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Egypt, philippines, Iran, Turkey participated in this field trip and were able to enhanced their understanding of history and art of Korea.

 In National Guk-Ak Center, they learned Insa-guk, Hwimo-ri, Dongsal-puri which are the most popular playing skill of Jang-gu. At the last of class, they formed team of 4 peole, presented what they learned in front of other students. In the afternoon, students visited SEOUL SKY which is currently the highest skyscraper(555m) in Korea, the 6th highest building in the whole world. It was valuable time to understand geographical features of Seoul and changes that took place in Seoul since Chosun dynasty.