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Title Graduate School hold "Walking along the Mt. Munhak with History"
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 Graduate school hold "Walking along the Mt. Munhak with History" on Saturday, November 11 in order to arouse students" interest for graduate school and to promote mutual friendship between the members,

 Many korean and foreign students from undergraduate and graduate schools joined the event. President Choe Sun-ja, vice-president, Lee Hyun-woo, dean of graduate school Koo Yoon-mo, dean of external affairs Nam Chang-hee, vice-dean of graduate school Yook Ji-ho also participated this event and all of the participants have enjoyed cool fresh air of morning time and appreciated beautiful color of autumn leaves.

 In particular, Nam Chang-hee, the dean of external affairs explained the history and cultural significance of Munhak Mt. and it was a meaningful time because participants realized value of the old relics near Inha Univ.

 Participants interacted with each other while enjoying lunch and snacks prepared by the general graduate school during the mountain walk. Most of all, the lottery of notebooks, iPads, etc. prepared by the graduate school attracted the attention of the participants and helped them to complete the pleasant walk.


President Choe Sun-ja (third from the right in front row) and other participants are taking commemorative group photos.

Participants in the mountain climbing are taking group picture on the summit of Mt. Munhak.


Nam Chang-hee, d of External Cooperation, explains the history and cultural significance of Mt.Munhak fortress to participants.