Campus Map
  • University Main Building
        (Administration Offices, College of Human Ecology, Graduate School, Auditorium, Faculty Cafeteria)
  • Building #2 (College of engineering)
  • Building #3 60th anniversary Building
  • Building #4 (Computing & Information Center, The 1st engineering Center)
  • Building #5 East,West,South,North wings
        (College of Natural Science, College of Humanities, Foreign Language Education Center)
  • Building #6
        (College of Economics & International Trade, College of Business Administraion, College of Law, College of
        Social Sciences, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Public Administrtion)
  • Student Center (One Stop Service Center, Post Office, Bank, Infirmary)
  • Building #9
  • West Building (College of Education, Graduate School of Education)
  • Student Club Hall
  • Man-kyung Jae (Study Boarding House)
  • R.O.T.C. Building
  • Center for Continuing Education
  • Woong-bi Jae (University Dormitory)
  • Flying Dragon Tower (University Symbol)
  • Gymnasium
  • In-kyung Pond
  • Main Gate
  • Back Gate
  • Inha Hi-Tech Center
  • Sports Field
  • Baseball Ground
  • Inha Venture Center
  • Jung-seok Memorial Library