Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar
  • 2017 (Spring semester)
Month Date(Day) Event
January 2(MON) ~ 13(FRI) Prize application period for February graduates
~ 4(Wed) Submission deadline of Master's and Doctoral dissertation
9(Mon) ~ 13(Fri) Application period for changing course(Integrated→Master's, Master's→Integrated),
department, major, and adviser professor(Academic adviser)
" Application period for a minor
February 6(Mon) ~ 12(Sun) Course registration period
17(Fri) Issuance of Degree Certificate
20(MON) ~ 24(FRI) Tuition payment period & Application period for Korean language test
27(Mon) Beginning of Spring semester
28(TUE) Korean language test for new international graduate students
March 1(WED) Independence Movement Day [Samiljeol] (National Holiday)
3(FRI) ~ 9(THU) Application period for comprehensive examinations
6(MON) ~ 8(WED) Course add/drop period
10(FRI) ~ 28(TUE) Comprehensive examinations in each department
24(Fri) End of the 1st Quarter - Spring semester
April 3(Mon) ~ 7(Fri) Online application period for Master's and Doctoral dissertation &
Submission period of application documents for dissertation
~ 21(Fri) Submission deadline of temporary binding for dissertation
(Students → Deaprtment Office)
22(Sat) Commencement(Graduation ceremony) for all of Inha students 
24(Mon) Anniversary of the founding of Inha university
May 3(WED) Buddha's Birthday (National Holiday)
5(Fri) Children's Day (National Holiday)
8(Mon) ~ 10(Wed) Course drop period
10(WED) ~ 23(TUE) Preliminary examination period for Ph.D dissertation
10(WED) ~ 6/7(WED) Examination period of Master dissertation
24(WED) ~ 6/7(WED) Final examination period for Ph.D dissertation
June 6(TUE) Memorial Day (National Holiday)
5(MON) ~ 16(FRI) Input period for study plan of dissertation through INS
(For students in their 3rd semester)
8(Thu) Submission deadline of Master's and Doctoral dissertation evaluation result 
(Department Office → Graduate School Office)
16(Fri) End of Spring semester
19(MON) ~ 26(MON) Announcement of grades
19(MON) ~ 30(FRI) Prize application period for August graduates
30(FRI) Submission deadline of Master's and Doctoral dissertation
July 3(Mon) ~ 7(Fri) Application period for changing course,
department, major, and adviser professor.
17(Mon) ~ 21(Fri) Application period for a minor
※ Schedules can be changed.
※ Recruiting schedule for international graduate students(Fall semester, 2017) will be announced separately on the notice board.
☎ Admission of Korean(8387) ☎ Admission of International(8389) ☎ Courses(8388)
☎ Scholarship(8385) ☎ Dissertation(8386) ☎ Leave of Absence, Adviser Professor(8383)