Registration(Tuition Payment)
        All international students (including students who receive the full tuition as Jungseok International scholarship) are required to register during the tuition payment period in each semester.
    • Tuition Payment Period
      • Spring semester : In the fourth week of February
      • Tuition Payment Period (Check the Academic Calendar)
      • Fall semester : In the fourth week of August

    • How to print out the tuition bill
      • Log In the INHA portal(http://portal.inha.ac.kr) → Go to INS(학사행정) → Registration → Print out the tuition bill
      • Check the amount of your scholarship from the tuition bill.

    • How to pay
      • Wire-transfer the tuition fee to the designated bank account in your tuition bill.
      • Students who receive full scholarship can enroll directly at the INHA portal by pressing enrollment button(직접등록).

    • Student Union Fee (KRW 8,000)
      • It's advised to pay Student Union fee for supporting Student Union Activities.
        • (Ex) Festival, Graduation Day, etc.

    The entrance fee should be paid only for the first semester.
    If you fail to register on due time, your studentship will be canceled.