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Korean Language Course

  • Korean Language Course
    • Level : ① Beginner, ② Intermediate, ③ Advanced

Acedemic Calendar 1
Level Korean language
for foreigners
Korean language
for foreigners
Korean language for foreigners
Subject Code GRA5002 GRA5003 GRA5006
Credits No credit
Type of Subject Common subject (공통 과목)
Outline This course helps international students to learn letters and pronunciation of Korean language for basic communication skill needed to settlement and adaptation. This course helps international students to have a basic conversation for daily life, to acquire grammatical knowledge and pronunciation (phoneme), and to read and write sentences. 1. Acquire the written and spoken language discourse required for daily usage.
2. Write essays on topics needed for social life, such as ordering, asking, suggesting, reserving, searching for information.
3. Master vocabulary of 400-500 words & 50-60 sentence structures.
4. Improve the ability in comprehension and expression of the usage of grammatical structures.
5. Improve evenly all basic skills of the language proficiency.
Course Registration Graduate School will assign the course.
(Automatically registered in the INS program)
Students must complete registration by themselves
during the designated period.
Eligibility for course registration Result of Korean language
placement test
Less than 40% 40 ~ 79% Over 80%
Korean language course - Pass
Beginner level
Intermediate level
TOPIK Students who have TOPIK level 3 or above don't need to take these course. TOPIK Level 4 or above is needed.
Grade Pass/Fail
 All international students must take these course for graduation. This course is not required for graduation.
    Korean language for foreigners(Advanced, GRA5006) has no credit from fall semester of 2014.

  • TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)

  • KOSNET (Korean Language Study on the Internet)
    KOSNET made by NIIED(National Institute for International Education) provides on-line services and information about Korean language learning for international students. If you want to start to learn Korean language, please access the homepage of KOSNET right now!