Admission Process
Eligibility for Application
Category Application type A Application type B
Common eligibility Nationality Applicants who have foreign citizenship.
Degree Program [Master's and Integrated]
The applicant must have (or will achieve before the date of entrance) a Bachelor degree
(4-year program) or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor degree.

The applicant must have (or will achieve before the date of entrance) a Master's degree
or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than a Master's degree.
Type of eligibility Applicants whose parents have foreign citizenship. Applicants who have completed entire education courses (elementary, junior high, high school, and university) outside of South Korea.
- Documents which prove entire education
  are required : Official certificates of each
  degree/graduation & transcript
Certificate of Language Proficiency Applicatns must submit the certificate of Language Proficiency each department requires. If not, they cannot apply.
* Please refer to below "Admission Guideline" p.3-6.
    Applicants who is NOT meet 'Application type A' can only apply as 'Application type B'.
    Please check the required official certificate of Language Proficiency from each department first before submitting applications.
    No Master's degree will be given after completing integrated Master's and doctoral degree program. Only Ph.D will be conferred.
    Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for graduate studies.
    Admission Guideline
      Admission Guideline for International Students

      Admission Process
      • Make a decision about degree program, department(major) which you want to apply for
      • Graduate School Homepage (English) → Programs → Check detailed information of each department
      • Pre-contact to a professor at Inha is recommended.
      • [Application]
        Online application
      • Period
        [Admission for Spring] Mid-October ~ Late October of the previous year
        [Admission for Fall] Mid-April ~ Late April of the same year
      • Create and print out the application → Go to 'Online Application'
      • Register and print Jungseok International Scholarship application.
      • [Application]
        Document submission
        by postal mail or in person
      • Period
        [Admission for Spring] Mid-October ~ late October of the previous year
        [Admission for Fall] Mid-April ~ late April of the same year
      • 13~20 documents to be submitted, according to nationality/application type. For detailed information, visit 'Admission Guidelines'
      • Document submission by e-mail will be rejected.
      • No application fee for international students.
      • [Evaluation]
        by Respective department /
        by Graduate School Board
      • Period
        [Admission for Spring] November ~ Early December
        [Admission for Fall] May ~ Early June
      • Each department will decide the way for an interview after screening application documents and contact applicants individually.
      • Interview : face to face, telephone or e-mail, etc
      • Contact each department office directly to check when and how to conduct an interview.
      • Result announcement
      • Period
        [Admission for Spring] Mid ~ late December
        [Admission for Fall] Mid ~ late June
      • Graduate School Homepage (English) → Admission → Admission Guidelines → Admission Result
      • Scholarship result will be published simultaneously.
      • Log-in with your application number and password which you set for application, then check the result.
      • Visa application
      • Graduate School will check whether admitted students will enter Inha Univ. or not by sending an e-mail.
      • Successful applicants should submit the medical examination result based on the designated form.
      • International Center of Inha University will issue the formal certificate of admission.
      • Individual Guidance for Visa(D-2)
      • [Admission]
        Course Registration, Enrollment, etc
      • Detailed information will be sent by e-mail.
      • Student ID assignment : Late January / Late July
      • Course registration : Early February / Early August
      • Enrollment(Tuition payment) : Late February / Late August
      • Orientation & Korean language test for international students : Early March / Early September
      • Medical insurance purchase, Student ID & Foreign registration ID card application : Early March / Early September
        Contact Inha Student Ambassadors for e-mail assistance regarding 'Admission process'.
        Admission > Student Ambassadorship
        Admission Schedule for Spring Semester, 2019
        Content Period Remark
        Application Oct. 22 ~ Nov. 9
        • Application form - Fill out and print
        • Jungseok international scholarship application
        • All application documents must arrive at the graduate school office before the deadlines
        Evaluation by department Nov. 26 ~ 30
        • After screening application documents, the department may conduct an interview
        • Interview: face to face, telephone or e-mail, etc
        Result announcement Dec. 26
        • 'Admission Result' can be checked by applicant through Graduate School homepage
        • Check Graduate School homepage notice
        • Check scholarship result simultaneously
        Issuance of the formal
        certificate of admission
        & visa application
        Jan. ~ Feb. 2019
        • Issuance of the formal certificate of admission
        • Individual guidance for Visa (D-2)
        Date of entrance Mar. 4, 2019
        • Beginning day of semester
          TEL : [International] +82-32-860-8389
                   [Domestic] 032-860-8389
          FAX : [International] +82-32-865-8623
                   [Domestic] 032-865-8623
          Address : Graduate School Office(#317 at the main building),
                         Inha University, 100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea
                         (Postal Code : 402-751)
        * The schedule can be changed a little bit.