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Programs List of Academic Disciplines
    ※ International applicants should submit the certificate of level 3 or above of TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) to apply for some departments(majors). A few departments(majors) recruit only Korean students. Please check through the PDF file of 'Admission Guideline' on the webpage of 'Admission Process'.
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
+82-32-860- )
(Domestic :
Mechanical Engineering Homepage Download Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics 2N291 7300
Solid Mechanics & Manufacturing Engineering
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Homepage Download Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 2N491A 7330
Aerospace Engineering Homepage Download Aerospace Engineering 2S235 7350
Industrial Engineering Homepage Download Industrial Engineering 2N477A 7360
Electrical Engineering Homepage Download Electrical Engineering H-603 7390
Electronic Engineering Homepage Download Electronic Engineering H-801 7411
Information and Communication Engineering Homepage Download Information and Communication Engineering H-416 7431
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering   Download Chemical Engineering 2S231A 7295
Polymer Science & Engineering Homepage Download Polymer Science & Engineering 2N571 7480
Materials Science and Engineering Homepage Download Materials Science and Engineering 5N135 7520/7530
Civil Engineering Homepage Download Structural/Foundation/
Construction Management Engineering
2S207 7560
Water Resource/Geospatial
Architectural Engineering Homepage Download Architectural Planning & Design 2S413 7580
Structural Eng./Construction
Eng. & Management
Geoinformatic Engineering Homepage Download Geoinformatic Engineering 4-302 7600
Environmental Engineering Homepage Download Environmental Engineering 2E441 7500
Marine Science & Biological Engineering Homepage Download Biological Engineering 2S231A 7295
Computer and Information Engineering Homepage Download Computer and Information Engineering H-1012 7457
Energy Resources Engineering Homepage Download Energy Resources Engineering 2S215 7550
Natural Science
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
(Domestic :
Mathematics Homepage Download Mathematics 5N211 7620
Physics Homepage Download Optics 5E316 7650
Theoretical Physics & Condensed Matter Physics
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Homepage Download Chemistry 5E417B 7670
Biological Sciences   Download Biological Sciences 5N517 7690
Marine Science & Biological Engineering Homepage Download Oceanography 5N236 7700
Biological and Fishery Oceanography
Statistics Homepage Download Statistics 5N442B 7640
Applied Statistics
Clothing & Textiles Homepage Download Clothing & Textiles 1-518 8130
Food & Nutrition Homepage Download Food & Nutrition 1-517 8120
Nursing Homepage Download Nursing 5E301C 8200
Mathematics Education Homepage Download Mathematics Education West 443 8150
Humanities & Social Science
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
(Domestic :
Business Administration Homepage Download Organizational Behavior & Human Re-source Management 6-222 7750
Financial Management
Management Information Systems
Operations Management & Management Science
Accounting Homepage Download Accounting 6-222 7750
Economics Homepage Download Applied Economics 6-322A 7770
Theoretical Economics
International Trade Homepage Download International Trade 6-322A 7790
Law Homepage Download Public Law and Criminal Law Law school 129 8800
Private Law Law school 129 8800
Intellectual Property Law Homepage Download Intellectual Property Law
Public Administration Homepage Download Public Administration 9-409 7940
Policy Science
Political Science & International Relations Homepage Download Political Science & International Relations 9-409 7960
Communication & Information Homepage Download Communication & Information 9-409 8790
Education Homepage Download Education West 325 7870
Korean Language & Literature Homepage Korean Language 5S263 7990
Korean Literature
Comparative Language & Culture
History Homepage History 5S215 8070
English Language & Literature Homepage Download English Linguistics 5S115 8010
English Literature
French Language & Literature(◈) Homepage Download French Language & Literature(◈) 5S414 8030
Sinology(◈) Homepage Download Sinology(◈) 5S269 8050
Japanese Studies Homepage Download Japanese Studies 5S102 8060
Social Studies Education Homepage Download Social Studies Education West 219 7860
Consumer and Child Studies Consumer
Download Child Welfare Studies 1-516 8110
Consumer Studies
Korean Language Education Homepage Download Korean Language Education West 223 7840
Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language
English Language Education Homepage Download English Language Education West 425 8010
Global Banking & Finance(◈) Homepage Download Global Finance & Banking   7823
   ◈ Master's Program available only.
   ※ For information about 'Logistics', visit the homepage of 'Graduate School of Logistic(
Arts & Sports
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
+82-32-860- )
(Domestic :
Visual Arts(◈) Homepage Download Visual Arts(◈) West 322 7890
Visual Communication Design(◈) Homepage Download Visual Communication Design(◈) West 125 8170
Kinesiology Homepage Download Kinesiology West 416 7880
   ◈ Master's Program available only.
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
+82-32-860- )
(Domestic :
Medicine Homepage Download Anatomy 60th Anniversary
Hall -331
Social and Preventive Medicine
Internal Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Neurological Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Radiation Oncology
Laboratory Medicine
Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Biomedical Science
Preventive Medicine
Medical Education
Drug Development(*)
Molecular Biomedicine(*)
* ‘Drug Development' and 'Molecular Biomedicine' are in the field of Natural Science.
Inter-department program
Department Homepage Program Major Location Phone
(International :
+82-32-860- )
(Domestic :
1. Program in Culture Management Homepage Download Culture Management 1-323B 8428
2. Program in Integrated Urban Planning   Download Integrated Urban Planning 1-323B 8428
3. Program in Energy Engineering (2 Majors)   Download Future Sustainable Energy Engineering 1-323B 8428
Ocean Energy
4. Program in IT & Media Convergence Studies   Download IT & Media Convergence Studies 1-323B 8498
5. Program in Multicultural Studies and Education   Download Multicultural Studies 1-323B 8498
Download Multicultural Education
6. Program in Service Management&Engineering   Download Program in Service Management&Engineering 1-323B 8498
7. Program in Archaeology as Interdisciplinary Science Homepage Download Archaeology as Interdisciplinary Science 1-323B 8498
8. Program in Sustainability Management   Download Sustainability Management 1-323B 8498
9. Program in Integrative Health Science Management   Download Integrative Health Science 1-323B 8428
10. Program in Global e-Governance Homepage Download Global e-Governance 1-323B 8498
11. Program in Digital Arts and Technology   Download Digital Arts and Technology 1-323B 8498
12. Program in Science for FTA Policy and Business Consulting Homepage Download Science for FTA Policy and Business Consulting 1-323B 8498
13. Program in Philosophical & Cultural Studies of Technology Homepage   Philosophical & Cultural Studies of Technology 5S262 8080
14. Program in Future Vehicle Engineering Homepage   Future Vehicle Engineering 1-323B 8428
15. Program in Interactive Contents     Interactive Contents 1-323B 8428